Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The GOP is Dying a Lovely, Slow Death

     The party of division, class warfare, xenophobia, homophobia and other phobias too numerous to mention, is being swept into the dustbin of history, but the diehards hang on, up until recently hoping against the numbers that Mr. Trump would somehow lose the nomination or suffer a massive M.I.  The GOP leaders loathe Trump, but are powerless to stop him. 

     Just look at this face.  One can imagine him speaking to a small group of white, poorly educated Americans (whom he truly loves, remember) and saying how he will build a wall, keep out the Mexican's, the Muslim's and all the other groups the GOP has instilled hate in over the last several decades, while Wall Street ran amuck and tanked the economy with regularity.  

     When you have the masses fighting one another, they don't notice their ever decreasing income or the permanant state of war they keep the country in, to name just of few benefits of the class warfare that is their favorite tool. 

The face of the GOP

"This has been an ugly week for American conservatives, and the week has barely begun. Structures built over decades have fallen apart, and nothing – not even the Trump family – is left unscathed.
We are witnessing the Great Unravelling of the Republican party. Its ideological intellectuals openly disdain and plot against the party’s nominee. Its elected officials are too busy to show up to their own party’s convention."